About Me

I’ve been a teacher, a headteacher, a writer of books, a jack of all trades, a master of nothing.

I was born in south Wales and for many years worked on a ‘dirty noise opera’ about the Welsh mystic Arthur Machen. It’s called ‘From Ages to Ages’. It has taken ages. I performed a tiny, solo version of it at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. This was ‘A Robinson Crusoe of the Soul’. I may or may not go on to produce other blithely chaotic performances.

I’ve used the form of ‘A Robinson Crusoe of the Soul’ to produce a series of podcasts ‘These Weird Isles’.  After the debacle that is Brexit I wanted to find a way to like my country again. This was the result.

Other music I’ve written is here. Some odd short stories are here.

I’ve squeezed almost everything I know about teaching into The Babbulary.  It’s an approach to learning that education policy makers often refuse to accept. Read more about it here.

Catherine Clarke, at Felicity Bryan, represents my writing.