Recent music – most of these were longer pieces cut down to a minute or two.

Tyninghame Beach ~ like many of these, this was sampled, resampled, then stripped back.

Seven Sisters

The Wheel

Half Moon

Stone Garden

You Don’t Have to Speak ~ this was difficult to edit down, so is one of the longer pieces here.

Rothko Chapel ~when making this I thought of Rothko’s huge paintings, their simple elements, so I used big slabs of sounds and tried to keep the structure very simple.

Black Mountain ~ this uses a variety of techniques and is more conventionally structured.

Rain 70 ~ not so much a wall of sound as a curtain of rain.

4024 ~ almost an improvisation, piano chords float and wallow and a minimal melody tries to pin the whole thing down. 

Strange New Things 71 ~ I wrote a huge number of pieces while reading Michel Faber’s ‘The Book of Strange New Things’. I used a simple texture of sounds, improvising and looping improvisations in real time.

Strange New Things 79

Shimmer ~ another in the Strange New Things series, I wanted this to be like a mirage, a shimmer of notes over a desert of sound.

Home ~ another in Strange New Things series.

Improvisation ~ one of many treated piano improvisations.

Homage to Bleriot ~ something mechanical whirrs here, a phrase squeezed through the mangle, this is a much simpler and unworked composition.

Inverleith ~ a stacatto keyboard based piece, almost too repetitive, but then not.

Biodome ~ this was an attempt at writing music for an early video game.

Point ~ this track was used in a children’s song about punctuation: lots of percussive loops.