Extracts from recent music:

These pieces can be arranged in four groups.

The first group contains compositions created from original material which is sampled, treated, played about with, resampled, layered and then stripped down to core elements. These pieces are textured and complex.

Tyninghame Beach

Seven Sisters

The Wheel

Half Moon

You Don’t Have to Speak ~ this was difficult to edit down, so is one of the longer pieces here.

Rothko Chapel ~when making this I thought of Rothko’s huge paintings, their simple elements, so I used big slabs of sounds and tried to keep the structure very simple.

Black Mountain ~ this uses a variety of techniques and is more conventionally structured.


Rain 70 ~ not so much a wall of sound as a curtain of rain.

The second group comprises simpler pieces, usually developed from keyboard improvisations.

4024 ~ almost an improvisation, piano chords float and wallow and a minimal melody tries to pin the whole thing down. 

Strange New Things 71 ~ I wrote a huge number of pieces while reading Michel Faber’s ‘The Book of Strange New Things’. I used a simple texture of sounds, improvising and looping improvisations in real time.

Strange New Things 79

Shimmer ~ another in the Strange New Things series, I wanted this to be like a mirage, a shimmer of notes over a desert of sound.

Home ~ another in Strange New Things series.

Improvisation ~ one of many treated piano improvisations.

The third group contains pieces that are idiosyncratic – that is their method of composition was not applied to any other pieces.

Homage to Bleriot ~ something mechanical whirrs here, a phrase squeezed through the mangle, this is a much simpler and unworked composition.

Inverleith ~ a stacatto keyboard based piece, almost too repetitive, but then not.

Biodome ~ this was a tongue in cheek attempt at writing music that could have been used in an early video game.

The last group consists of instrumentals that were originally songs, or accompaniments to voices.

Oranges ~ originially the intro to a song, this is more conventional than most other pieces here.

Point ~ this was the rhythm track used in a children’s song about punctuation: lots of percussive loops.