You can contact me via Catherine Clarke at the Felicity Bryan Agency, or leave a comment and I can get back to you.

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  1. H.

    Hello Andrew, just a quick note to say that I read your blog in one sitting. It left me smiling. Wonderful writing and thoughts. I was so impressed I had to drop you a line. God bless you & family and best of luck on your endeavors. If your books are on Kindle, I’ll be sure to read.

    And I’ll keep reading your lovely blog.

    Greetings from South America!

    • Andrew Strong

      Thank you. My books aren’t on Kindle yet, but you can buy them on ebay for a few pennies! Oswald and the End of the World has been translated into Portuguese, too, but, alas, not Spanish.

  2. Good to see Tristram Shandy and Tom Phillips in the same virtual arena. I have a Cloopseend too.

  3. Andrew Strong

    Thanks, Patrick. Cloopseend is one of my most treasured possessions. I must visit Shandy Hall soon. (My son is at university in York so visit regularly).

  4. Hennessy

    Where can I see your paintings

    • Andrew Strong

      Sorry I’ve take so long to reply…this site gets spammed so much I find it hard to work out which are the genuine messages. My paintings are here…

      If you can’t use this link, click on the link ‘paintings’ at the top of the page and you should see another link on that page.

      Thanks for getting touch!

  5. Django Zazou

    York? That’s just down the road! Next time you’re up, get in touch!

    • Andrew Strong

      Hello Mr W. Hasn’t it been ages…? I had thought of popping up but wasn’t sure if you were at the same address. Let me know how you are!

  6. Michael Bevan

    Thank you , so much to enjoy , best wishes from Swansea !

    • Andrew Strong

      Hello Mick…I get so much spam to this site that it’s a thrill when I see a name I recognise. I try and get down there as often as possible – walking on Gower etc. Tim’s kept me up to date with the new project – he should be writing rock and roll about Wales. (Not that I do) Are you writing? Keep in touch.

  7. Keith Lamp

    Are you mad? Have you forgotten everything? Have a pasty….

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